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Delbarton Sports Camps 2022 COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Regulations
Jared Lowy

Delbarton Sports Camps is committed to making our camps a safe environment and positive experience for all campers and staff. The information contained on this page is intended to inform our camper families the Delbarton Sports Camps for 2022.

In advance of our 2022 camp season, the Delbarton Sports Camps will closely monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the NJ Public Health Department, related to youth sports and program-related policies as well as review protocols and regulations to ensure compliance. If state and local guidelines on social distancing, gathering size limits and youth activities change, the Delbarton Sports Camps policies and procedures listed below may change accordingly. 

As camp approaches, it will be important to read communications from the Delbarton Sports Camps regarding specific requirements pertaining to your camp.

The following procedures must be adhered to during all Delbarton Sports Camps by all staff, campers, and camper families.  Delbarton Sports Camps staff, campers, and any camper family members must sign the COVID-19 screening waiver before camp confirming they have not been sick or have reason to believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 within the 14-days prior to camp. Any staff member or camper who does not comply will not be allowed at camp.

·     Immunization records MUST be uploaded by JUNE 1 AT THE LATEST.  By NJ law, your child MAY NOT attend camp without all immunizations on file

·     All camp locations will adhere to state and local guidelines on participant numbers, group sizes, mask protocols, and social distancing.

·      Symptom Screening: Campers may be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the camp facility each day, including a temperature check. Campers who pass the symptom check and are fever-free (in accordance with all applicable guidelines) will be cleared to attend camp.

·      Group sizes will be based on state and local guidelines.

·      Face Coverings: All staff and campers will be required to wear a mask in compliance with state and CDC guidelines. 

·      No-contact check-in/check-out: Parents/guardians must maintain 6-feet social distancing requirements during check-in and check-out times and avoid congregating in groups before, during and after camp. Parents will verbally acknowledge the child's name for attendance purposes.

·      For sports camps taking place indoors, check-in and check-out procedures will take place outdoors when possible, taking into consideration the facility, weather conditions, and other circumstances. Delbarton Sports Camps will adhere to state and local guidelines on participant numbers, mask protocols, and group sizes based on facility size and require that parents wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines while on premise.

·      Parents and other family members may not stay during the camp to observe sessions, unless otherwise specified by Camp Directors and social distancing guidelines are adhered to, including the use of face masks.

·      Equipment: Camper’s personal equipment will not be shared and should be properly sanitized after every session. Camper backpack and other belongings shall be spaced at least 2-feet apart during camp. All shared equipment will be sanitized after each camp session and during sessions as needed by camp staff.

·      Peer and coach physical interaction: High fives, fist bumps, hugs, and other camper-to-camper/ coach-to-camper contact will not be allowed.

·      Strict hand washing practices: Before and after snack breaks and meals, staff and campers must wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. When soap and water are unavailable, staff and campers will be required to use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. The Delbarton Sports Camps will provide hand sanitizer as an extra precaution, but parents should provide their child with their own bottle which should not be shared with other participants.

·      Snack and mealtimes: Sharing of food or drink is strictly forbidden. Snack and lunchtime will be taken in groups adhering to state and local guidelines for social distancing.

·      Face touching: The Delbarton Sports Camps staff will remind participants throughout each session not to touch their face, mouth, or eyes. Participants will also be reminded to cover all coughs and sneezes with their elbow crease/forearm.   

·      At-Risk Groups: Persons who are older, pregnant, or who have underlying health conditions, including those with compromised immune systems or respiratory conditions like severe asthma, are at higher risk to develop complications from COVID-19. The Delbarton Sports Camps recommends that these individuals do not drop-off/pick-up campers, participate in camps, or instruct camps.

·      Flexible & Communicative:  We are rigorous and will continue planning (& sharing updates) for precautions while providing your camper with a great experience. Updated information and details will be provided as camp approaches.

Summer of 2021 Update
Jared Lowy

Dear Families,

It is our great pleasure to report that as of this writing we fully intend to open the Delbarton Summer Programs including sports camps, virtual courses, and live courses for summer 2021. Our mission has and always will be to provide your students with an outstanding and safe summer program with our award-winning staff. Because of the fluidity in public health data, we are planning to be flexible and adapt to the requirements of the CDC and Morris County Board of Health. We ask for your patience and flexibility as we put together our daily programs with a guarantee that your registration will be fully refunded if camp or class is cancelled due to COVID-19.

Please Note: Our advanced credit courses are currently being offered virtually or live.  We will then see where the interest lies and make a decision as to whether we will run both classes or only one of the two classes.  Our decision will also be based on our staffing availability.  We will notify you in May as to which course, a virtual course, an in person course, or both, will run this summer.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact John Thompson.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to any of us via email. We look forward to seeing you for summer 2021!


Michael Carr

Kent Manno

John Thompson