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Bridge To AP History

Bridge to AP World History - Virtual Course: This high school history enrichment and skill based class will give students the opportunity to get a head start on preparing for their AP World History course.  This two week course for students entering grades 9 through 12 will teach students how to do a close reading of a college level textbook, analyze historical documents, determine bias in sources, write clear and concise analytical essays, master the Document Based Essay Question, tackle analytical document based multiple choice questions,  and speak intelligently in front of an audience.  The course will also introduce students to the key themes and skills of the Advanced Placement Modern World History course.  Through the most up to date teaching strategies related to the AP course. students will get a taste of the rigors and challenges that an AP class can present students and be able to develop the skills necessary to succeed in such a course.  Many of the skills taught in this class will also prepare students well for the AP European History and AP American History classes.

PLATFORM: This class will be taught virtually 

Teacher: John Thompson

SESSION 1: June 24-July 5, 2024
SESSION 2: July 15-26, 2024

TIME: 12:20PM - 2:00PM
GRADES: 9-12