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World War II

World War II - Virtual Course: This high school history course will give students an opportunity to learn about the dramatic events surrounding the Second World War that changed the course of history.  The course will begin with the events that led up to World War II through the end of the war in 1945. It will allow students to delve into topics that are often skimmed over or even ignored in their high school history classes.  In this course  students entering grades 8 through 12 will learn to critically analyze historical documents, speak intelligently in front of an audience, examine controversial historical theories, write clearly,  work collaboratively with one’s peers, and master the historical narrative surrounding this time period.  The instructor will utilize a wide array of sources from secondary works to primary source materials to cartoons to historical documentaries to movies to further enhance the learning experience. 

PLATFORM: This class will be taught virtually.

Teacher: John Thompson

DATE: JULY 1 - JULY 12, 2024
TIME: 2:00PM TO 3:40AM
GRADES: 8-12